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Get Your LOOT! Giving Away TREASURES!

by germinatrix | August 11th, 2011


check out this PRIZE! who's gonna win? I'm so EXCITED!


It is time for me to do MY book giveaway! I’ll bet you were all thinking that I was never going to  give away a copy of the book I wrote – HA! I fooled you! Not only are we giving away a copy of The Edible Front Yard, my lovely publisher, Timber Press, has generously added a copy of the Sugarsnaps and Strawberries (written by the amazing Andrea Bellamy of Heavy Petal) to the mix! And that isn’t ALL! The fabulous folks at, the online home of Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply, have created a special custom seed collection inspired by the “Supermodels” of ornamental edibles that I list in my book! 20 packets of gorgeous, certified organic, non-GMO seeds were donated – thank you Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply (find them online at! The coolest, sexiest, warm AND cool season Supermodels Seeds will be sashaying their way around some lucky winner’s front yard – How awesome is THAT? And then there is a special present from me – a framed cartoon that I drew with my very own hands, depicting a few of the beauties that were making their presence known in my garden this year – before I ATE THEM!

an image of my garden from The Edible Front Yard - pretty pics in this book, if I do say so myself!

So here we go! Leave your comments and in one week, we will have a winner! Go crazy with your comments – woo me! The winner will be chosen randomly, but still – woo me! I like to be flattered and purred over, and I want to know how you plan on using this treasure chest of goodies should you win!


XOXO Your Germinatrix

look how happy I am harvesting herbs! this could be YOU! leave a comment to win!

367 Responses to “Get Your LOOT! Giving Away TREASURES!”

  1. Ooh! Ooh! Yum yum yummity yum. I can’t wait to plant all that stuff, front yard and back, and then EAT it. And feed it to my family, friends, and neighbors. And mention your awesome book every time I do.

  2. Tricia grame says:

    Thanks for the motivation. Now all I have to do is get my husband on board.

  3. Francine Farmer says:

    March 2011 I had a fire in my home and it is being restored by the insurance company. I will be moving back into my home in September 2011 and I would love to have these goodies to start my gardens off right. Thank you for the lovely idea for a prize.

  4. I’ve been trying desperately to convince my husband to convert the front yard to edibles !Anything, IMO, would be better than the lackluster yellowish-green lawn & obligatory trees-in-circles … but edibles would be dream come true ! See, I’ve run out of space in the backyard to plant my veggies. And as the neighbors trees grow, that space is actually starting to shrink. A year without homegrown tomatoes ? I don’t think so ! I’d love to have these books to inspire me in the design & to help convince him of the project’s merit.

  5. I can’t wait to weave edible through my front perennial borders! I love the ideas of fresh food and flowers living in harmony.

  6. What a treat, and a fun giveaway! I love you, Ivette, and you know I love an Edible Front Yard :)

  7. Cool, my backyard is already edible but the front could use some work!

  8. I am from the Philippines, am I qualified to join?

    Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

  9. Teresa Feldman says:

    I have been chipping away at the grass on my front lawn for years. I think now is the time for me to make the final switch to a front yard edible landscape, especially since I have pretty much run out of back yard!

  10. Teresa Feldman says:

    I may have to pick up the Peaceful Valley pack.

  11. Marie Lawwill says:

    I just tole my husband how much I wanted your book last week! I found the fresh dirt blog yesterday, and today that led me here.. I think I’m meant to win this package!

  12. Dear Yvette,

    As a UC Master Gardener I love your blog and check it on a monthly basis for new ideas and inspiration. I am one of the co-founders for LA Green Grounds here in South LA. We set up edible gardens in low income communities, preferably front yards and parking strips for African Americans. Two of our members, Ron and Florence, were featured in Sunday’s LA Times, regarding getting permission from our local councilman to allow citizens to grow edibles in their parking strip. “Green Grounds” is on facebook and we would love for you to join our cause and sign our petition. Of course we would also love to win your precious goodies; to expose more people living in food deserts to the diversity and beauty of edible plants but, on behalf of Green Grounds, creating a friendship with you is most prized. To see what we’re up to you can find us at All the best! Vanessa

  13. first i must say your shot of the front edible garden is gorgeous.
    i would love to plant these babies in my front edible garden we have dubbed our victory garden. thanks.

  14. I will use this package to turn my yard into a stunning edible and self sustaining paradise. It deserves to be so lush and lovely that no one in their right mind would ever want to leave it except maybe to buy a new hose or shears or whatever eventually wears out and needs replacing. And you Germinatrix would be the Garden Goddess Exemplar that would inspire such loveliness to come into creation! You would be the wick in the candle, the compost in the pot, the very birthing germ of a fantastical idea while I would be the spade of creation to bring this lovely package to fruition! Thank you thank you thank you….

  15. Mona Brauer says:

    True late bloomer. I feel I qualify as one of the true late bloomers since I’ve recently turned 60 and have decided edibles are even more exciting than planting for wildlife. I’ve done several canning attempts in the last couple months and am really enjoying myself. Would love to win your latest release as I’ve decided to move on from a backyard garden to utilizing the front this spring. Please add me to the potential winners list!

  16. Oh wow, too bad I had missed it. If I won, I would use this to learning more about gardening. Do you have any tips as where I can learn the basics of gardening?

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