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Edible Front Yard contest

by germinatrix | August 10th, 2011

check out this PRIZE! who's gonna win? I'm so EXCITED!

13 Responses to “Edible Front Yard contest”

  1. i would love to have this . i truely thank it would make my yard so much [rettier and i could feed alot more people than wat i do now

  2. Awesome bling – and just the book for me trying to convert from shrubs and flowers to food!

  3. How generous!! I am unemployed right now and this would surely give my organic garden a much needed boost! Thank you for having the contest!

  4. deanna beeler says:

    We all need to find places to grow more food.

  5. Oh, what a lovely giveaway! The print would look great in my kitchen.

  6. What a great prize. I would love to grow these in my garden and also use the seeds for a nearby school garden.

  7. What a lovely collection of items! My eye is drawn to the artwork, flowers, fruits, vegetables, edible beauty! My front yard could use more edibles, to go with the existing alpine strawberries, which I pop in my mouth as I tend the flowers.

  8. elizabeth says:

    A tremendous resource for me and my neighbors and for the elementary school down the street. Looking forward to the continued inspiration.

  9. Just planted blueberries up there. And am considering chard for the fall. Would love to know more options!

  10. I am so excited about this giveaway! This is perfect for someone who dreams about gardening and just can’t get enough of it!

  11. What an interesting concept for a book. This one is sure to spark a lively discussion between my wife and I! She wants her sod, and I want anything but.

  12. I would love a chance at the give away. Sugar Snaps and Peas and Edible Front Yard are both on my wish list. I love how tucking edibles amongst other plantings works so well. Gardening feeds my soul! Germinatrix(love the creative name) is one of the feeds I follow. Thanks for this opportunity.

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