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Ivette Solar’s garden.

by germinatrix | August 11th, 2011

an image of my garden from The Edible Front Yard - pretty pics in this book, if I do say so myself!

Los Angeles, California: The beautifully designed yet functional garden of Ivette Solar has edibles mixed with ornamentals in the front garden, sidewalk strips, and backyard raised beds. (Photo: Ann Summa),

2 Responses to “Ivette Solar’s garden.”

  1. Jim Kraus says:

    Love the way you combine texture and color, and it is great to be able to have a snack while working in the garden.

  2. Judy Tillson says:

    Very easy to add comments when your work is sooooo gorgeous. I’ve always liked combining edibles with ornamentals, your designs are the best!

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