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The Three Headed MONSTER is BORN!

by germinatrix | March 21st, 2011

... and the beast emerged from the unfurling leaves, its three heads facing different directions, hunting humans

Yesterday I walked out into my front garden, clipped some marjoram, stood up, and screamed. There it was, plain as day – my Beschorneria yuccoides had sent up three, count them, THREE giant bloomstalks. AAAAAAAAYYYYEEEE!!!

I’ve been in my front yard on a daily basis, WHY didn’t I see the emerging voluptuous horror? I could have been struck blind by the glory of it, and was only able to see it when it was good and ready to be seen. Yes, that’s it – it was a glamour that the monster was weaving – it was mesmerizing me! But now that I have seen it, and there is no turning back.

I feel I must pray to it. Bring it  a small sacrifice, maybe…

the dominant head - the weaver of spells

The most prominent head is obviously where the power resides; you can feel an intelligence pulsing inside. Is it friend or foe? It is neither – it is pure, cold, and unconcerned. It is a monster made of plant. It is plant/monster/god.

the middle head is feminine; beware - she is a siren

The beast has a female aspect – you may mistake her for a tulip, but do so at your peril. The soft petals flushed with pink hide a yearning that cannot be quenched. She will lure you in and devour your soul.

the third head - possibly the most frightening of all...

It looks so innocent; so small – almost shy. Look closer. You will see the hunger, and the determination. It WILL have what it needs. It appears as a child, but it is, in fact, a beast.

HP Lovecraft writes of creatures like these. When they are seen, people have no choice but to worship.

Don’t fear for me! I have studied for times just like this. I will document the Monster as it grows and spreads its sphere of influence. People everywhere must know…

They must be warned…

Until next time,

Your devoted Germinatrix

7 Responses to “The Three Headed MONSTER is BORN!”

  1. gray gardener says:

    I am so jealous of your Beschorneria! The flower stalk is amazing and deserving of worship. Can’t wait to see the progress, when should I bring the sacrifice?

  2. What a cool plant! It is most definitely Lovecraftian.

  3. My monster is GROWING!!! Updates soon …

  4. I love it! Do you think the beast could live in zone 9a Florida too?

  5. A monster I could definitely fall in love with;-0

  6. TOO funny, Germi!! I absolutely adore your creativity, you DO know that don’t you? XXOO

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