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Northwest Flower & Garden Show – What She Said!

by germinatrix | March 2nd, 2011

just LOOK at this display garden! OMG - THIS is what I call "bringing it"!

Hey ALL!!!

I have returned from the Northwest Flower and Garden show, where I gave my first garden lecture ever!!! I was SOOO nervous I was basically a wreck before I spoke, (right Loree? Sweet Danger Garden was there to simultaneously psych me up and calm me down- thank GOD) so only took one good picture. But I must say – THIS is a GARDEN SHOW!!!

It was glorious – and the display gardens were dreams! AMAZING!!! Sigh – if only Los Angeles could muster this kind of support and commitment!

So I am lame, I got nothing for you as far as the show goes – but THANKFULLY my dear friend and colleague Susan Morrison of Blue Planet Garden Blog happens to have photographed all of my favorite moments, and speaks to them in a delightful manner that I support wholeheartedly! So to enjoy the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, here is WHAT SHE  SAID about it!

Oh, and you all MUST get Susan and Rebecca’s book Garden Up! – they are smart, funny, talented, and they are my very dear friends – all that and the book is great!

Speaking of book and lecture – I made it through without completely embarrassing myself! The lecture was actually fun, and the crowd seemed to be having a good time – what more could I want? One issue I identified – I really have to work on my signature, I kept feeling I was ruining peoples books with my big, sloppy, loopy, twelve-year-old-girl handwriting!

two hot author chicks - fabulous Andrea Bellamy and I glowing with pride!

I finally got to meet Heavy Petal’s Andrea Bellamy! We’ve been blogfriends forever, and so getting to spent time with her was an incredible treat. Good times were had, talks were given, seedballs were made, martinis were drunk, delicious food was eaten, all while Seattle was in the middle of a crazy cold snap – snow flurries are SO exotic to this hot zone girl!

So remember – for more info on the show – WHAT SHE SAID!!!

XOXO Your Germinatrix!

8 Responses to “Northwest Flower & Garden Show – What She Said!”

  1. Re your signature, what a shame there are no i’s in your name (other than Ivette). I don’t have any, either. We’ll just have to hope Susan Morrison dots her enviable i with a heart, daisy or butterfly. You and Rebecca Sweet could get creative with t-crosses. Maybe tree branches complete with leaves? Or, in your case, pears? (Think earrings.)

  2. You are too funny Ivette! Since we both struggle to keep up with our blogs, I think we should consider turning this into a regular partnership. One week: “Plants I Love.” Next week: “What She Said!” I could get on board with less writing and more linking.

    If only I knew how to leave hearts and butterflies in a WordPress blog!

  3. I REALLY should have brought my copy of your book for you to sign, what was I thinking? I feel so fortunate that we bumped into each other so early and I got to hang with you a bit…and you know you really were FABULOUS! (btw I am posting my review of The Edible Front Yard tomorrow…and our picture, if only I looked as adorable as Andrea….

  4. Germi,
    Nothing quite like the feeling that floods the body AFTER one’s talk has ended!
    fyi I had no idea this was your first ever lecture.

    No doubt in my mind that you did a fabulous job of it;~D

    MWAH!!! XO

  5. I’m so bummed I missed your talk & barely got to say hello to you in person. I’m bless to know you & have your book, which I wish I’d gotten signed. And, I look forward to enjoying time together at another, calmer event in the not too distant future. Oh, and word is, you rocked the talk!!

  6. Way to ROCK the NWFGS!!!

  7. What a great photo! I can’t wait to buy both of your books. It was so much fun meeting both of you.

  8. I’m amazed that this was your first garden lecture. You were really good.

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