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A Little More Passion

by germinatrix | June 4th, 2010

my new passionflower and my old alstromeria are getting cozy

Ah, I just have WAY too much passion for one person!!!

Sorry I have been an infrequent poster, but there are deadlines for books about edible front yard landscapes looming…

And I am “tore up from the floor up”

But all around me, the passionflowers are blooming up a STORM, so I know all is right with the world.

I am heading of to Texas for a week, and I’m SUPER excited because I am going to meet my supercool blogfriends Pam from Digging, Jenny from J Peterson Garden Design, and ESP from East Side Patch!!! I am going to come back with pictures and stories. But who know IF I will come back at all, because any of you who read ESP’s blog know that his garden is inhabited by all manner of strange creatures – and J’ADORE strange creatures! After Happy Hour in The Patch, I might not WANT to come back!

…but if I do, I will give you more incendiary pictures of these passion-flowers upon my return … this one was just a tease.

And what a little tease she is!

13 Responses to “A Little More Passion”

  1. Can. Not. Wait. for the Austin meet-up with you, Germi! It’s finally happening! See you on Wednesday, my friend.

  2. Have a fab trip!

  3. ME TOO PAM!!!
    Finally … we meet! After YEARS!!! Breathless with anticipation… it’s going to be so FUN!!! Wednesday, Darling, at the crack of ten!!!


    Oh, Nicole – I NEED this trip! I am SO looking forward to spending some nice relaxing moments with family and friends … some rejuvenation and inspiration! I’ll be seeing some marvelous gardens and will have total glory to post when I get back!

  4. Now that is exciting news! I can’t wait to see pictures of these gardens through your eye!

  5. Thats a lot of passion ;)

    Have fun on your trip! I’m insanely jealous that you get to go wander around ESP’s gardens!

  6. Oh, Loree- Agaves GAOLRE – I love Texas!

    Laura, I am SO EXCITED to see the magical place itself! A full report will follow!!!! XOXOXO

  7. Hi G.

    I have spent the last fortnight huddled around tiny camp fires, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, negotiating and solidifying the paperwork to ensure everybody’s safety for the happy-hour in the Patch. I have a verbal commitment from the Naboo tribal leader in charge of foreign affairs, that no member of the tribe is authorized to, ahem…”dart” anyone during this visitation. If I were you though, just to be on the safe side, avoid going deep into the Pampas grasses or bamboo.

    The hobbits will also be joining us later in the afternoon…I am already getting: “Are you weeding so much because Germi (Oh yes, this IS your name) is coming”? I just say: “Err, no!”
    She rolls her eyes…she always has my number, and she is 5! I am in serious trouble!

    Can’t wait to meet.


  8. Love that color combination!
    Enjoy your rest. Hooray for Tx gardeners! And watch out for those darts.

  9. It was so exciting to meet you Ivette. I know you are going to be in Austin again. We have lots more garden s to show you! Although you came with the rain I promise it won’t rain next time.

  10. Did you leave something?
    Cough! Cough!…Darn!

  11. I think passion vine has too much passion for itself! Those things go crazy! But how fabulous is that flower!

  12. I for one say nobody should worry about not posting regularly. As someone who has been trying my best to catch up with everybody I follow, I’m somewhat relieved that I haven’t missed too much during my busy stretch. It’s just nice to see what’s going on in the garden world, and know that everyone else is busy with the gardening season too. Safe and happy travels.

  13. Hi! I’m new to Germinatrix, and was happy to have immediately found others with “the passion.” I just posted the other day about one I found vining in my neighborhood, which inspired me to research how it was used by Christian missionaries to tell the crucifixion story (something my plant I.D. teacher had once mentioned). I’m not sure if this connection is common knowledge among gardeners/botanists or not, but I thought it was pretty wild. Take care!

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