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by germinatrix | March 30th, 2010

the most beautiful hang-out area I've seen

All over the city, those lucky enough to have wisteria planted on fences and sheds are enjoying the heady scent and the long, glorious panicles of heavy flowers. Today I was at the house of my friends Pae and Tom, and I saw the loveliest nook ever – an alcove set into a retaining wall, built-in benches topped with striped cushions, and an arbor draped in purple and white wisteria.

It couldn’t have been more beautiful.  I had to share. Enjoy.

sigh. garden beauty...

XOXO Your Germinatrix

7 Responses to “Wistful…”

  1. Wistful Germi,
    I share your wistfulness!! Here in my bitty domain – sorry you weren’t able to visit, next time you MUST come by! – there is no wisteria, but…… the Clematis montana ‘Rubens’ makes my green thumb itch and my heart sing out. It’s blooming like crazy, draped across the back fence and massed upon an arbor. Wish we could be sitting, sipping wine, enjoying the sight together.
    tendril luv ;~))

  2. Oh….Germi,

    btw on twitter I’m now @travelgrdnsbuzz

    (rarely stop by @BayAreaTendrils )

  3. Mine is blooming gangbusters, too. It’s on one side of pathway, and an orange tree in full bloom is on the other. Sensory overload!

  4. So romantic! It looks like the perfect place to daydream.

  5. I’ve been inhaling its fragrance every time I visit Barton Springs Nursery, where wisteria drapes one of their outbuildings. Ahh, lovely. And so are these pics. Thanks for sharing.

  6. that space is absolutely perfect…

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