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Episode 2 – One Enchanted Garden

by germinatrix | February 11th, 2010

Come with me and spend the afternoon in the magical home of Laura Cooper, Nick Taggart, and their lovely daughter Lily. Nick and Laura have created an enchanting garden-world perched on a hillside minutes away from downtown Los Angeles. This is an engulfing, powerful landscape – giant plants clamber over one another; things are allowed to grow out of bounds … everything is very ALIVE. Zoey the dog naps next to chickens, Lily swims with koi, and old friends drop over to chat about garden theory. All in the course of a normal afternoon in this extraordinary place.

A Wonderland from Ivette Soler on Vimeo.

I wish everyone who sees this could experience it! Laura’s sensitive hand controls, leads, and gives free reign to the desires of the garden she cares for. Captivating!

Thank you for watching! We’ll be visiting Laura, Nick, and Lily again – there is so much of their world to share! And generously share they do, embodying the spirit of the gardener.

The song is Batchelorette “Little Bird Tell Lies”


13 Responses to “Episode 2 – One Enchanted Garden”

  1. Truly a wonderland, thank you for taking us there! Of course you know I was drooling over the agaves!

  2. Fabulous, Ivette! I had a such a good time “strolling” through this garden with you. I think I could live in it. I look forward to your next garden-visit video.

  3. Ooooh I love it! something to aspire to.

  4. Ivette! What a special place they’ve created! I loved Laura’s line about unlike motherhood, plants that really misbehave you can discard! Too fun. And your laugh. THE BEST. Thanks for taking us on a tour! I’m stealing the idea of getting scraps from farmers markets for my chickens. Bravo! Laura

  5. So much fun! I’m with Laura- the discarding plants comment cracked me up!

  6. Hey Loree! During the editing process, I kept thinking ‘Loree is going to DIE over these agaves!’ Aren’t they GI-NORMOUS? I was shocked, and I see these all the time! Laura really embraces the idea of ‘Danger Garden’, like you!

    Pam! Isn’t Laura’s garden great? It is a wonderful place to hang out, and an AMAZING place to live. In an upcoming video, I’d like to show more of the indoor/outdoor lifestyle that they embrace – they TRULY live most of their lives outside!
    I’m going to a great farmer’s market in the middle of Hollywood for the next video … I’m SO glad you are enjoying these! I’m having so much fun making them!XO!

    Oh, Summer – this place is so inspirational! It was (and IS) very important to my thinking as I developed as a designer…

    Laura, isn’t it great? I LOVE this garden so much! You know, Video Minion and I actually debated about cutting that line out, even though we both loved it! We made the decision that our audience is awesome, and will of course laugh right along with Laura and me. And if they don’t – tough! We are PUNK ROCK!
    Feel free to steal anything! We members of the Garden Posse share ALL!

    Carri, that IS a great line, and I’m glad we were all “It HAS to stay in!” Especially since Lily is such a doll. My answer to the line (which was edited for time) was “if you are going to discard her, discard her MY way!” I adore these people! I’m glad you enjoyed the vid!
    Btw – your front yard is going to be HOT! I want it to hurry up and GROW!!! Photos need to be taken by June 1st … let’s see how it goes. I need gardens in ALL stags of growth. XOXO!

  7. I am absolutely enchanted by this magnificent garden! Thank you for sharing it. It’s a garden that I would love to re-create myself soon. Are there also veggies growing among the succulents and fruit trees?

  8. Hey Vanessa! Yes to the veg question! Nick and Laura have giant cardoons growing everywhere, and edibles are tucked around all over, but the main food growing happens up near the chickens, where the fruit trees are. Pretty beautiful, right?

  9. Ivette in Wonderland !

  10. Wow. See what happens when I get busy with work… you go and post something THIS fabulous :) Thank you for sharing! This garden is like a dream to me — the beautiful energy is overwhelming. Please share more!

  11. I took a garden history/theory class with laura which met in the amphitheater of this garden a couple of times. Entering the secret gate of this amazing place with its giant stands of matilija poppies, outdoor rooms enclosed by hanging brugmansias, wandering epiphyllums, overgrown aloes … the complete and ineffable beauty of this garden transfixed me and i have been wildly obsessed with plants ever since. a real, earthly paradise.

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