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Scrap THIS! More Me…

by germinatrix | February 7th, 2010

I can't hide my brilliance! Ha!

Wiseguy Billy Goodnick tagged me with an Honest Scrap Award (there is a badge or widget that goes along with it, but I’m afraid to mess around with stuff like that – the last time I tried to deal with a widget I lost my entire sidebar.)

The idea is to reveal ten things about yourself that readers of your blog might not necessarily know, then tag seven other bloggers to do the same. In the interest of getting to know your Germinatrix better, I accept this award and the responsibilities that go along with it. So let the revelations begin:

Item the first :

I love ice. Love it. I need to have my cold drinks really, really cold – and I also am one of those annoying ice crunchers. I always ask for lots of ice or extra ice in my cold drinks, and they never give me enough. The one time I ever got enough ice was when a waiter was trying to be a smart-ass and brought me a glass full of ice with a splash of drink in it. It was perfect!

Number two:

I read Tarot Cards. Really well. I scare people with my accuracy. My husband and my Original Minion won’t let me read their cards anymore because they can’t handle knowing the future. I never read the cards for myself, only for friends. It is a power to be used only for the good!

if you are messing with my garden, be AFRAID! (photo original minion)

Third thing:

I am half Puerto Rican/ half Mexican. I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Spanish was my first language. Not even one tiny part of me is Caucasian, even though I’m pale, pale, pale.


My baby brother Carlos just won two Grammys! His horns section, Groove Line Horns, works with Jason Mraz and Carlos is the musical arranger of the band. Color me incredibly PROUD!


In the early nineties, I worked with Maverick Productions (Madonna’s production company) and Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Ferris (the couple who co-directed Little Miss Sunshine) on a pilot for HBO about a girl who had an online “show” where she’d talk about great cool stuff, meet friends from all over and check out the cool stuff that they were doing, and talk about her fun awesome life. It was never picked up, but I find it very strange that my bloglife has essentially followed the roadmap we set up in that show. Weird!


Just to show how accurate a tarot reader I am, I’ll share this moment with you that happened in my past life as an actress. I was on the set of “The Heidi Chronicles”. One day, I spent 9 hours in a car with Jamie Leigh-Curtis, Kim Catrall, and another younger actress whose name I can’t remember. I had my tarot cards with me, as a lark. I read Kim Catrall’s cards and told her it was very clear she was on the verge of a major career breakthrough that would change her life dramatically. She laughed. Saw her 3 months later while shopping and she told me she booked Samantha on ‘Sex in the City’ a week after we wrapped. WEIRD!!!

I'm all wet in the yucatan, but loving every minute of it

(Gah, this is alot of tidbits…)

I twiddle my thumbs all the time. If my thumbs aren’t busy at it, I’ll be twiddling my fingers. My mother once told me if I was bored, I could twiddle my fingers – I asked her to show me how, and she did. I’ve taken finger and thumb twiddling as a serious pastime ever since. Now I do it absently, while thinking – my husband loves to point it out when it’s happening. It must look very cartoonish!

Next thing:

Speaking of … I love to draw cartoons. I drew the banner for my website! I’m a frustrated animator…


I hate sleeping at night. I LOVE naps, I like to sleep late … but I have ALWAYS hated to sleep at night. It must be a result of my fear of the dark when I was a little girl. I fight sleep – sleep has to knock me over the head and drag me to slumberland. As a result, I usually fall asleep doing something late at night, then I have to wake up and drag myself to bed in the wee hours. Not good, but there it is!


This is something many people know, but I realize I haven’t announced it here, on my beloved blog. I got a BOOK DEAL! I am currently writing a book for Timber Press titled “Front Yard Food – Transforming the Lawn Into Beautiful Edible Landscapes” !!! I am SO EXCITED! So be prepared for me to talk ALOT about the topic in the coming months – and please weigh in!  I have a “Front Yard Food” fan page on Facebook, and I’d LOVE for you guys to pop by and share thoughts, pictures, ask questions … generally join the process! I am a BLOGGER first and foremost, and I want to infuse this project with the open, generous, community spirit that the Garden Blogworld has in abundance. I’ve been so inspired by this GARDEN POSSE! Come with me on this journey, too!


Now I have to “award” seven other bloggers with the Honest Scrap! Let’s see… hmmm… thinking…

Okay – I think I’m going to do things a little differently. I award the Honest Scrap to EVERYONE! Because I want to know more about just about everyone! So if you want to participate, give us a link in your comment so we can all go read about the deep, the hidden, the strange, and the funny things about you! Don’t worry if you can’t do it – I know these things take time and some people just don’t do these tag memes as a rule, but I LOVE hearing more about people! And if you’ve already participated, give us a link so we can read all about you!

More X’s and O’s from your Germinatrix!

tidbit #11 - whenever I smile, my front tooth peeks out. it wants its glory. (photo husband minion)

10 Responses to “Scrap THIS! More Me…”

  1. I kept seeing you post on Philips blog, ESP, so I came to see yours. What a great time to come. Now I know you. The bottom picture is a treasure. The orange in the plant compliments the blue of your blouse and your jet black hair stands out so good against the wall. Besides that, your gorgeous and your blog is great.

  2. Hi Germi.

    And congratulations on your up-comming book! Wow, I can’t wait! Really, well done.

    Really interesting to hear more about you…and I just knew you would be a Tarot reader somehow…to much Gothic youth time honing your skills in San Antonio cemeteries, no doubt in the early vampire hours. :-) I used to an aunt called “auntie Tup” that used to read killer tea-leaves, she really did have “the gift.” One of my favorite late-night “haunts” as a student in London was Highgate cemetery…stunning, it was straight out of a “Hammer House of Horror” movie set, well, the start sequence for these short movies was filmed there after all.

    I would not want to get in the way of any of your planting schemes, wielding that knife, all “Jason” like in your mask and shades…a force to be reckoned with, to say the least. Leah has the exact same tank-top, but then you probably already know this through consultations with your Tarot cards.

    Watch out for Bob…he speaks fluent Naboo (in many dialects), a very gifted man and fantastic mediator, should you ever have a tribal dispute in your garden, he is the leading authority.

    Itching to do another limerick,


  3. BOB from Draco!!!
    Wow! How awesome – I feel like I’ve just met someone I’ve been admiring from afar forever! You have to forgive me for not making myself known earlier, because I have visited your site and really enjoy it … but sometimes I can be inexplicably shy!
    I love your comments on ESP’s blog … I feel emboldened by you to dive into the world of The Patch – and dive I have!!!
    I’m SO PLEASED that you visited, Bob! And what sweet things you’ve said! But I’m warning you … just calling me cute creates a guaranteed friend for life, so I don’t know WHAT calling me gorgeous will do! I’ll probably weed your garden for you …
    Here’s to being new blogfriends!!!

    Hi ESP!!!
    Crazy about the book, right? I’m going into total immersion – while still blogging and designing gardens, of course. I’ve decided that bathing and sleep will just have to go.
    Of COURSE you’d know about my Tarot talent – you dubbed me “Witchy G.” , after all! I think maybe Auntie Tup passed on a little of her ‘gift’ to you …
    Have we talked about my obsession with Hammer productions? I LOVE “Hammer House of Horror”! You are one of the few people I talk to who know about the tv show. When I FINALLY go back to London, I have to take a pic at Highgate Cemetery, as an homage to my love for all things Hammer!
    I like that ‘slasher film’ pic w/ me holding the knife … my Minion took it while I was threatening him with a beheading for not backfilling a hole correctly. Gardening is SERIOUS business, afterall! And Leah has the same tank top? A woman of marvelous taste! I’m sure that’s where the Hobbit Girl gets many of her fashion tips and tricks…
    I am thrilled that Bob and I have connected via The Patch! I have long admired his skills – the Naboo recognize a leader when they see one. One never knows when one will wander into my ‘Jurassic Park-lette’, and knowing Bob is a comment away is a comfort.
    And please – your limericks are always welcome! Let them fly!

  4. Wow Germi! Why am I not surprised you have so many unexpectedly interesting things to share. But enough about you – here’s how your post reminds me of ME!

    I love super-cold drinks too! My husband calls me the ugly American because apparently Europeans sneer at our obsession with drinks so cold they drown out the taste. I don’t even order white wine anymore when I’m at a restaurant in Napa because I know they’ll serve it at the correct temperature and I’ll secretly yearn for an ice cube.

    And please, oh please read my cards! I’m not afraid of the future. Plus, I’m very status conscious and want to be able to tell people that Kim Catrall and I share the same psychic.

  5. Yes Susan – Enough about me! THANK YOU!!!
    I get so much HELL for my ice habit! I’m glad to know someone else who understands the glory of lots of ICE in a drink … forget the rest of those tepid drinkers! My husband grew up in Switzerland and gives me no end of trouble when I ask for more ice. What a party pooper. Ice is FUN!
    I will bring my cards to SFGS! We can cluster in a corner of the press room and pretend we are telling fortunes at a slumber party…
    that might be more fun than ICE!

  6. Great ‘scrap’ post Germi! Love the pictures and a BIG congrats on the book deal!

  7. Jean Prescott says:

    Oh, man, I just knew you were a woman of many passions and interests. If you lived on the block, I’d never get anything done. You’re a peach, Germi.

  8. Loree! The book was a big surprise and I’m so scared and happy at the same time – I told my editor to check out your fabulous blog for inspiration – she lives in Portland and just got a house. She’s wants our kind of garden, with edibles mixed in. I wanted her to see the awesome things you do! There are no limits! XO

    Hi Jean!!! Hahaha – you know what? I almost never get anything done myself! You are so sweet – it takes a peach to know a peach! XO!

  9. 1. You’re gorgeous – I’m hopelessly enamoured.

    2. I want a tarot reading.

    3. I will buy your book in a heartbeat. Congratulations! I’m a huge fan.

  10. Did you bring your tarot cards to the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show?! I would have LOVED to have my cards read by you! You should have a tarot reading party!

    *Congratulations on the book!

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