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Brrrr! Keep Me Warm!

by germinatrix | January 15th, 2010

While I’m off for a long weekend in New York, my garden is preparing  for my favorite time of year – the Aloe blooms are getting ready to pop!

awww... shy little aloe bud! come out and play!

awww... shy little aloe bud! come out and play!

It is COLD in NYC – it might even snow on Sunday, and I’m NOT good in the cold! So I’m going to be thinking about the warm midday sun in my back garden, coaxing the aloe blooms out of their hiding places between the leaves, encouraging them to stretch and grow and show off their hot colors. When I return, there will be blossoms! I can’t wait!

sun kissed bloomspikes stretch to reach the sky

sun kissed bloomspikes stretch to reach the sky

Until then, think warm thoughts for your Germinatrix, who is bound to be having frozen toes and tingly fingers. I’ll be back Wednesday with photos of the progress of the Aloe Extravaganza 2010!

XOXO The Germinatrix !!!

4 Responses to “Brrrr! Keep Me Warm!”

  1. I do so adore aloe blooms, aren’t they spectacular? I also am no fan of the cold-certainly glad I am here in the warm. At least you trip is just a few days.

  2. excellent aloe photos – like the stained glass effect of the colored spines – stay warm – mm

  3. Hi G.

    So much nicer looking at an aloe bloom rather then a “SH” I cannot even bring myself to say the word for fear of cursing myself…(The ESP witches instructed me on this). Hope you had fun in cold NY.
    My poor aloes are pretty “moist” for the top third after our freezes, it hit them hard.
    Look forward to seeing these blooms in full flight, and you have a good one back to Cali.

  4. Both the pictures of sun kissed bloomspikes given in this post looks damn good…It would surely add up into my collection of beautiful pictures of flowers.

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