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… And a Happy New Year! Episode 1!

by germinatrix | January 1st, 2010

When I putter around in my garden, I have a soundtrack! Imagine that! Enjoy one of my favorite songs, “Blood Gets Thin” by Pete & The Pirates while you and I hang out together…

Planting, Weeding, Eating from Ivette Soler on Vimeo.

Here’s a live version of the song at a bar in England!

I am so incredibly thankful for all my wonderful blogfriends who have visited me over the past year – it’s been FUN! And we are going to have even MORE FUN in 2010!!!

Giddy-Up, Online Garden Posse, LET’S RIDE!!!

14 Responses to “… And a Happy New Year! Episode 1!”

  1. Haha! Love it. And great sound track… Who knew that a agave fiend would have such great taste in music? I’m adding it to my list of Music to Buy (though currently I’m spending all my money on seeds, so I’ll probably loose the list before I can afford to buy anything on it.)

  2. Kudos!!! kiddo,

    I have a contract for you to sign whenever you’re ready ;~)

    Soundtrack … perfecto.

    tendril love….

  3. Hey Ivette,
    Love the soon to come videos! Let me know when you are ready for a “plug” on the Garden World Report. I’ll let the internet world know you are on!

    Love your style.
    Shirley Bovshow
    Garden World Report

  4. What a fun video! Great music, host and garden! Can’t wait for the next one.

  5. Hi Joseph! Yes, this agave fiend loves her music – and my husband is a very plugged in. He shares his awesome tunes with me.
    I know what you mean – it’s SO HARD for me to spend money on anything other than plants. And lipstick. And leave-in hair conditioner. And earrings. Oh, well – MOSTLY plants!
    Here’s to a great year, decade, century of plant madness!

    Tendril my friend! I BATHE myself in Tendril love! I wanted to start the year on an upbeat tempo, hence the neo-punk. I love that stuff! Happy Happy New Year and we’ll have even MORE fun in 2010!

    Shirley, you are the MAVEN of online garden video! I would be so honored for a plug on Garden World Report – are you KIDDING? Thanks so much for your support and inspiration, you trailblazer!

    Hey there Angela! Love seeing your smiling avatar on my comments! Thanks for stopping by and I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I think you’ll really like the next one – I spent an afternoon in the amazing garden of my friends Nick and Laura, surrounded by chickens, bunnies, compost, and garden wonder! I think that one should be up in a couple of weeks!

  6. I love this video-it shows how beautiful your garden and plants are in a way the pictures alone don’t convey-some of those plants are HUGE! Also enjoyed the soundtrack. Here’s to lots of happy gardening and blogging in 2010!

  7. Hi Germi, and a Happy New Year to you to!

    I thought the video was great! And you crammed as much into it as you do all your containers!!! I also like the soundtrack, yet another band from the homeland I will be looking into. Thank Mr Germi from me.

    I think I really need to work on my “steady-cam” technique after seeing your video, watching mine full-screen will give you a serious case of motion sickness…people go green watching it, things will improve over time I am sure.

    I loved the end back-cam shot that retreated over the Agave stalk, a great touch…It was like riding on a reverse roller-coaster, but no Tikki-lights?, No limbo-dancing under it?…Come on Germi! Haha.

    Really fun to see you and your plants moving and talking.
    Look forward to more.


  8. Great fun! Happy New Year Germi!
    I do have to comment on your potting up that beautiful little pot sans the gardening gloves! You are a brave lady! Great to see more of your garden and I’m looking forward to the next installment!

  9. Hi Nicole! It’s funny, I was just looking over three years of images of my garden for my next post, and I can’t believe how much things have grown! They crept up on me! So glad you ‘dug’ my viddy! Many Happy Gardening days to you, too! 2010 – the Year When Gardening Changes the WORLD!

    ESP! Happy New Year! Again!
    Hahaha – My Video Minion and I DO have fun with the whole shooting/editing process – we are pretending we have our own network garden show! One day a couple of weeks ago we turned the Hollywood Farmer’s Market upside down – everyone thought we were ‘real’! That’s Los Angeles – anybody pointing a camera could be making the next “Blair Witch Project”.
    V-Minion cultivates just the right amount of wiggle in his wrist to keep the camera steady, yet energetic. He must do some sort of wrist exercises to keep them flexible and ready. I wonder what he does? Anyway – I am certain you will manage your camera beautifully – I love to feel the visceral rush of a quasi-jerky camera – like the first season of Law&Order. Too much professionalism gets in the way! I say shake, ESP, shake it!
    That reverse rollercoaster shot is all the Video Minion! He’s SO great – I am lucky to have him in my pocket.
    I WAS going to limbo dance under my stalk, but – shockingly – a small California outpost of Naboo tribesmen(which are called NaNaBooBoo here) swept in and hoisted the stalk onto their tiny backs and scurried away, chattering, clicking, grunting, and making hand signals I couldn’t understand. I am not as experienced with them as you are. I was afraid. I think pups left on the stalk are considered somewhat of a delicacy – I could hear crunching and yummy noises as they clattered away.
    So glad you liked the video, friend! It means alot to me!
    Until next time!

    Loree! OMG – my fingers were totally FULL of little pricklies! What was I thinking? I was in a fugue state while I was doing it – I didn’t even notice until it was over that I was in pain! It took a few swipes of tape and they were gone, so no big but next time GLOVES!!! Thanks for your enduring support, dear blogfriend!

  10. Ohmygosh….you make me smile from ear to ear. You are INFECTIOUS girl (in a GOOD way…not a STD way…)!! I love your concept of eating and weeding….you know from reading my own blog that the only way I can get my husband into the garden is if he can lumber around eating while he works so you’ve hit on a BRILLIANT idea!! Happy New Year, Germi!!

  11. edgardo torres says:

    Hi Ivette!

    it’s the first time i write on your blog but i have been in love of your garden since i saw the pictures in the Cottage Living magazine many years ago. i share with you the love of succulents and your garden is great and very inspirational. and now with these videos we are going to have lots of fun. congratulations Ivette for an excellent job.

  12. Germi, it’s taken me a little while to get over here to view your fantastic video, but it was totally worth the wait. I loved it! Your smiling face and contagious laugh, the edgy music and plants, that backward slide down the agave bloom stalk, and that beautiful potted arrangement you whipped up—it’s all good! Hope you do another one soon.

  13. Thank you Dear Pam! I’m SO glad you like the video – I have so much fun doing them, so I am planning on making more! I am lucky to have a little team behind me – it takes a village, after all! The next video is exploring my friends Laura and Nick’s incredible garden – I know you’ll REALLY enjoy it! Our kind of plant people!

  14. Well Hello Edgardo! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog – anybody who remembers that article in Cottage Living is DEFINITELY a germinator! I’m thrilled that you’ve come along for the ride – I am planning LOTS of fun for us in the coming year! Keep visiting, and thank you for the very kind, encouraging words – I cherish them!

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