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Merry Xmas!!!

by germinatrix | December 24th, 2009

Here’s my little gift to you – a special preview of that gives you a taste of things to come in the New Year … VIDEOS on!
I’ve had a great time making them, and I hope you enjoy this sneak peak…

Germinatrix TV! Preview!!! from Ivette Soler on Vimeo.

The Germinatrix!

13 Responses to “Merry Xmas!!!”

  1. I died and went to heaven;)))))

    Tendrils love xoxo to
    …dear agave-loving Germi!

  2. I can’t wait for Germinatrix TV!
    What a great preview! Oh, and LOVE the song. Who sings that?

  3. Oh so much fun! I wanted to hear what you were talking about though!

    I must say I loved your handbag (when touring Huntington Gardens I believe)…happy holidays to you and all of your minions!

  4. Tendril! We are in heaven together! I’m really excited about the upcoming videos – I’m sharing some of my favorite people and places and things – oh my!
    Thank you for the Tendril Love – an awesome gift!

    Hi Angela! I’m so glad you are looking forward – I hope the videos are fun for one and all (I had WAY too much fun making them!)
    Isn’t the song GREAT? Annabel Alpers is from New Zealand and makes music as “Bachelorette” – her stuff is AWESOME. I can’t take credit – my husband is a music fiend so he’s in charge of finding the songs. I think he did a great job here, right?
    Thanks for the thumbs up – it’s so encouraging!

    Loree Dear! Yay – FUN! Don’t worry … it’s just a sneak peak – every upcoming post will have me talking – being very informative and saying smart things about our favorite plants. My video minion and I just really wanted to make a commercial in a music video-style. Who doesn’t want to be a Rock Star for a tiny second?
    I am thinking good thoughts about your leg! Heal those bones! XO!

  5. Yes! Yes! …

    This is a great idea Germi! Loved the soundtrack, and will most definitely check the band out further. Also loved the fact you were a little bit sped-up? You were sped-up weren’t you? Tell me you were!! :-) It gave the clip an almost vintage quality?

    I cannot wait to hear what you are saying about the plants in person as well. Hurry up and get on to that next post!

    Have a wonderful Christmas G.

  6. Actually, ESP, I was NOT sped up. That is the way I am. My movements are jerky, my voice is a squeaky, high-pitched treble (I have been told I sound like a mosquito), and an odd sense of nostalgia follows me wherever I go.
    Yes … we sped me up to give the video a home movie feel. My Video Minion is one of Jan’s former art students, and he’s the BEST. I love the conspicuous hand-held quality and the manipulation of speed – it feels scrappy,and I like emphasizing the DIY quality rather than trying to make it look like something fancier than what it is.
    I’m working on the first Episode of Germinatrix TV right now! It will be live in a few days!
    It’s Xmas Eve – you must be in your Santa suit, getting ready to thrill the Hobbits with a visit! How fun Xmas in The Patch must be!
    Merry Merry!

  7. You’re going to put that actors training to good work after all!

    It looks like you’ve got some great field trips planned, and I CANNOT WAIT to see Los Angeles through your eyes. It’s going to be fabulous!

    It’s fabulous already.

  8. Chuck B!!! You remembered that I once said I had no use for my acting training – and I remember that you begged to differ! You were right, wise Chuck! It’s fun to be in front of the camera again, this time talking about my crazy plant passion – when you hear me talk, that is!
    Next episode – I speak!
    Thanks for watching and giving me the thumbs up – it means ALOT to me!

  9. Jean Prescott says:

    Excitement! TV? Really? You look like a movie star, and what a view. You live in Paradiseland. Wonderful post, Germi. Next time, audio, please.

  10. Oh I can’t wait to see the videos. I think it’s come up a couple times on twitter that many of our gardening TV options are goofy, and I hardly ever watch video online, but this one I’m excited about. We’ll watch them here first. And I’ll place my bet now that you’re going to be fielding big offers for all kinds of new TV shows, and those of us watching your blog be bragging that we saw a preview here first.

  11. You don’t look anything like I expected! Somehow I imagined you looking more… I don’t know, crazy with wild hair everywhere! You look so sane for a agave-fiend… Can’t wait to see more! I enjoyed watching your gestures and imagining what you must be talking about.

  12. Expat!!! The next video is the official 1st Episode and is called “Planting, Weeding, Eating!” and I SPEAK! Once you get me talking, I will never shut up, so … get ready! Thank you for being so enthusiastic – it gets me geared up to make MORE!

    Sweet Megan! Thanks so much for your comment – I agree that we have slim pickins when it comes to garden shows on tv – and we should have plenty to choose from! They aren’t expensive to make, and the talent is there in spades! I don’t get it … So it’s up to the bloggers to run with it! I have to admit to loving being on camera – it’s super fun! And it is GREAT creating the kind of garden show I’d want to see, a show for US, you know? I’m glad you’re excited, it makes me excited! Let’s put on a SHOW!!!

    Hahaha – Joseph, I swear – I AM a crazy looking person with wild hair everywhere! You will be amazed over the episodes of Germi TV at how much my hair changes. It has a life of its own – as curly as Jennifer Beals in “FLASHDANCE” one day, total soccer mom the next day, straight as a china doll the next. I have learned to accept it and just flow … And I’m glad I look sane, because if my inner fiend showed – well, I’m not sure I’d be allowed to drive and do my grocery shopping. The fiend is tucked away, and comes out in full force when I’m shopping at succulent nurseries and growers. She will show herself, have no doubt! Thanks so much for watching!!!

  13. Such expressive hands!

    Are you SURE you’re a gardener, those hands are awfully CLEAN!

    Cheers! Looking forward to seeing more of your vids. Very fun.

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