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Howdy Y’all!

by germinatrix | June 4th, 2009

agave and childagave and child

 Hey there! I’m spending a few fun filled days with family in San Antonio, so I probably won’t be blogging until next week. 

But I couldn’t leave you without posting another Lotusland wonder – this beautiful Agave fransozinii, with a pup nearby. When will MINE look like that?

Oh, I had the most wonderful surprise yesterday – I got home and checked my email, and I saw that we’d been featured in Apartment Therapy LA! Our little Blog got a nod from some very cool people (Laure is the best!), so let’s give ourselves a pat on our collective backs! Because this is OUR blog – the heart of it is the conversation. I’m just the conduit. 

And I’ll be back in a flash – but I  really need some help from you all in the meantime. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ve been having a raging war in my vegetable garden my what has now ben properly identifies as a vole. (I SAW him!) Since I’m away, I need positive thoughts aimed my way, designed to ward away voles and other marauders. My tomatoes and eggplants are starting to come in, and if I get back home to a heap of gnawed on stubs and cucumbers with the roots eaten out from under them – well, I just don’t know WHAT I’ll do!

Your magical forcefields are much needed, and will be very appreciated!

12 Responses to “Howdy Y’all!”

  1. they are such a pest. we used to have the annual “running with the voles” in our backyard. sending out anti-vole vibes.

  2. Hi Ivette.
    Wow, what a monster! I half expected to see Captain Nemo circumnavigating around it’s lower limbs in his submarine, or a T-Rex head popping out behind it!

    Congrats on the article – very cool, and naturally deserved!

    Fingers crossed for you veg patch, cheecky little vole.
    May the force be with you, young “atrix”.
    Thinking of Lotus land I will be…(yoda accent).

    Have fun in San Antone !

  3. I will never get such a big agave in Oregon. Envy.
    I’m going to have positivepenguin send you some positive thoughts on twitter. I’m quite sure that’ll do the trick. positivepenguin can do anything. I hope that little vole finds a new happy home that doesn’t involve your vegetables.

  4. Oh my…I can only dream of a scene like that in my garden, never. Enjoy your family time in San Antonio and the critter be damned! So happy that Apt Therapy gave you a nod…and I loved the pics they showed. Your garden is amazing!!!! Please show us more soon. – Loree

  5. Brandyjane says:

    Welcome to Texas! I discovered your blog on Apartment Therapy, and I’ve enjoyed reading your archives. I’ll definitely be a frequent visitor.

  6. Hey Germi!
    What a gorgeous agave! It is UGE! (so big there is no “h”) How old do you think it is? Have fun with the family back home. I will be sending special magic force field stuff to your garden. Congrats on the Apt. Therapy article. I am glad she loves your blog too.

  7. What is your Twitter? I can’t find you. Telllll meeeeeee! xoxoxo

  8. I found it, never mind. I am dumb.

  9. I have only been to SA one time but went to a great museum exhibit there about Mexican culture through the millenia. I remember sitting at a kind of touristy restaurant right on the river and eating shrimp fajitas, very pleasant. Wasn’t that into plants at that time of life so didn’t notice any agaves, but those ones sure are impressive! Good luck with the critter, I think I may be up against some new raccoon action these days and just in time for my new berry plants, agh.

  10. Is this the same pest as last year? How frustrating. I will be sending positive vibes towards your garden while you are away. Hope it helps.

  11. Lookin forward to an update on what’s happening in SA these days. BTW, do drop by BayAreaTendrils… I think you’ll relate to my foliage fetish! xo

  12. Hey there Everybody! thanks for your caretaking of my vegetable garden while I was gone – the damage was minimal! You can all always count on me if you need some hoo-ha ju-ju anti- varmint vibes to be sent your way. I pay back my friends.

    ESP! If that Agave was on your blog, I’m sure we WOULD have seen Capt. Nemo or a T-REX … most probably both! Conversing! Under the agaves!
    San Antonio was fun, but Austin would have been better! Next time I’m in Texas, I will make Austin m first stop and put in a request (well in advance) to visit the patch and sample the Sangria!

    Megan – okay, I am now a positive penguin fan. Obviously, the protection was in no small part to penguin positivity! Thanks for the connection – you are a friend indeed!

    Hey Loree! Wasn’t that cool of Apt Therapy? I was beside myself. absolutely – I could look to the side and there I was.
    Thank you for saying my garden looks good! Ever since I came back from Lotusland I am thinking my garden is so – timid! I want to UNLEASH THE TIGER! I think I’ll be doing that this summer…

    Brandyjane, thanks for the welcome! I will always be a proud Texan/San Antonian – and thanks for reading through the archives … consider yourself a Germinator from now on, and join the garden party!

    Sue dear! i think that Agave HAS to be 20+ … I want mine to be like that NOW! Sigh…
    And the force field worked. Thanks – like I said, I am now available for force field work anytime…

    Katef my pal who just returned from Italy and makes me so hungry! I am thegerminatix on Twitter. I guess i should post one of those tags on the site, shouldn’t I?
    …and you aren’t dumb, I am a lax promoter. I often try to change that, but I always slip back. Oh well, not everyone can be a ruthless self-promotion machine (says the woman who is now ‘tweeting’ her every move – sheesh) XOXOXO

    Hey Karen – I had a PET raccoon when I was growing up! Isn’t that crazy? A raccoon is like a who went to vocational training in highschool. They can do anything with their nimble fingers! As much as I love them because of my old pet – they are marauders! So watch out for those berries!

    You know CoCo, I’m not sure. The vole is new, but the nibbling on the tomatoes and the fully denuded haricots look very much like last year’s terrible Rat Fink. I had to take such extreme measures – I want to go another route. But my husband doesn’t want to pee on my plants. He’s shy. I tell him he needs to suck it up and take one for the team! Right?

    Hey Tendril! I have been visiting, but neglecting my commenting duties (bad blog friend)! Forgive me, and I’ll leave some MONSTER comments – I can get pretty verbose, you know!

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