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About info

 I’m Ivette Soler, aka The Germinatrix – and I am a PLANT FIEND!!! Thankfully, I have an outlet for my obsession; I am a garden designer and consultant working in the Los Angeles area – I also write about gardens. Gardens I’ve worked on have been published in Garden Design, Met Home, and Sunset Magazine, among others; my writing has also made the rounds.


Why do I call myself the Germinatrix? Germination is the spark of creation, both in our gardens and in our minds, where seeds are imbued with the energy to burst open and become plants, where ideas go from tiny germs of thought to full blown projects realized as art, architecture, literature, science … I’d like this blog to harness the spirit of germination and play with it. I want to exchange ideas, learn new things, and share the fun – and since this IS, after all, a Garden Blog, I want to do all these things outside and surrounded by plants.

My garden is in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA, and we will be spending most of our time here, puttering around, watching things grow, ripping things out, and starting all over again. We’ll visit other gardens, some belonging to friends and some belonging to clients (who usually become friends!). We’ll cook with things I’ve grown in my vegetable garden. And we’ll even throw a party or two.

So join me living, working, and playing outside – let’s GERMINATE together!