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Martha Stewart Living in MY Back Yard? YES!!!

by germinatrix | February 15th, 2012

ME! ...not quite a centerfold, but close...

What a dream come true!
It was a lovely October day when Stephen Orr, (Big Cheese Garden Editor at MSL) and the wonderful photographer Juliana Sohn invaded my garden and made a little magic.

Somebody PINCH ME! See, me and Martha go way way WAY back – well, of course I’m not alone in that but I think the special allure of Martha is that we all feel personally connected to her. When I first started reading her magazine and watching her show, I felt we were LIKE THIS – BFF’s. All of those “good things” – well, they were for me … perfect solutions to the problems I was having in my brand new house and budding garden. I really hate the bottle my vinegar comes in Martha … well, Ivette, you can decant that vinegar into a bottle of your choice – and maybe put a sprig or two of your favorite herb in it as well! It will add flavor and visual appeal. Thank you Martha! I never liked vinegar so much!

So when Stephen Orr told me that they wanted me to be in a pictorial about garden bloggers, I almost choked on my tongue! YES YES YES … (I am not one to play hard to get). I looked around my garden and immediately thought “omigod. My garden super sucks! What can I do to get it in shape?”. But then sanity returned. My garden is my garden. Sometimes it looks great, and sometimes – yes – it super sucks. It is REAL. I didn’t want it to look like some hyper-perfect magazine garden! I want people to know that garden beauty is imperfect and changeable – it HAS to be that in order to be a real, living interaction with nature. So I didn’t do a big crazy “putting the garden in order” thing. No fluffing, no new plants. Just the same old friends that have been planted for years, a few additions from the last season, and I finally hung the circle planters that I got from Potted a few months ago. Basta.

It was amazing having Stephen and Juliana in the garden. They went through and created beautiful vignettes from little things that I had around my house, and I found myself asking “why didn’t I think of that?” Why? Well, because I am not a part of the Martha Stewart Living Brain Trust, that is why. These people have an extra flair; their third eye works purely in the space of design. That crappy little woven basket that had been hiding under the side table in the living room was discovered and filled with a bouquet of marjoram… and suddenly it was NOT crappy! It was GORGEOUS! I wanted one of those baskets – even though I already had one! THAT EXACT ONE! My life looked so amazing in their stylish hands. I am determined to live the life that it looks like I live on the pages of Martha Stewart Living.

They even changed my CLOTHES! This was a big issue. See, I have a certain thing – I have a very specific color palette when it comes to clothes (black, brown,maroon,dark blue,a little green – think of a bruise and you’ll get the idea) and I have a pretty defined style (kind of goth meets fly girl). This of course would look weird in the pages of the magazine – Martha is all about light, breeziness, and a dialed in sense of ease. I like having a dark, tattered edge. But I was flexible – I allowed myself to be photographed in blue jeans and a PINK SHIRT!!! I even smiled – mostly because Steve was constantly telling me how FANTASTIC I looked. I tossed my hair and smiled some more, looking into the camera with my chin down, trying to penetrate the lens like I learned from watching all 38 seasons of America’s Next Top Model. Juliana would smile gently from behind her camera and then I’d change my pose to something equally fabulous. My GOD, why didn’t I think of becoming a model?

Then my little dog Sadie trotted by and stole the show. Sigh. I knew it. I tried hard as I could to keep her hidden so all of the focus could be on ME… but charisma like hers is hard to keep under wraps. She was a total Eve Harrington, acting like my sweet innocent little dog – but all the while she was scheming to get in as many shots as she could. And wouldn’t you know it, Sadie ended up having a full page shot! OF COURSE! It could be that being a French Bulldog gave her an edge – Martha has two of her own. I don’t blame Sadie… she has to werk it. She’s a star!

At the end of the shoot, I made a batch of Tomato Water Martinis with a twist – I call them “Pomodoro” Martinis because I rim the glass with a clove of garlic and muddle basil into the fresh tomato liquid. You can find the recipe on the MSL blog At Home In The Garden. We were officially wrapped, so down came our hair and we commenced to enjoy the martinis while we danced salsa long into the evening. It was the best photo shoot I’d ever experienced.

Thank you Steve, for your friendship and enthusiasm! You made my garden more than it is! And Juliana, she of the magic camera – you can point your lens at me and my world ANY TIME!!!

I hope you all run out and get a copy – but hurry up, because I might just go crazy and by them all up myself!

XOXOXO Your Germinatrix

20 Responses to “Martha Stewart Living in MY Back Yard? YES!!!”

  1. I am so relieved (and awed) to have the pink shirt explained. I just could not imagine you in pink, you goth girl, and yet…you look FAB in pink! You should wear it all the time. Have to ask, since they “dressed you”: was it your shirt, or did they score clothes for you???

    Your garden looks beautiful and real in the images. You must be thrilled. I ran right out and bought a copy when Lee of The Grackle mentioned on his blog last week that he was in MSL. Imagine my delight when I opened it up and found you in there too. And Lotusland! And Big Red Sun and East Austin! What a great issue.

  2. great post so happy you had such a wonderful experience

  3. Congratulations and I absolutele loved your post. It had me laughing so that I had to let you know. Terrific.

  4. Ivette, confess, did you run out and buy clothes, outdoor furniture, plants and a French Bulldog right before the shoot? And maybe had work? I would have. (My motto: Leave nothing to chance.) I like the demure paw placement, btw. That way, no one will know if “Sadie” is actually Sam. Seriously, you and everything else look beyond mah-velous. You’re a star!

  5. Ivette–
    Sadie should realize that just like little Eve Harrington, Margot always wins! You were and always will be the star of the show!
    Mil besos

  6. Well first things first, like Pam I am glad you’ve explained your clothing choices…I mean you look fabulous but honestly I looked at that picture and thought…wait a second…that doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen her wear!!

    Secondly I heard Stephen speak last week at the NWFG Show and he talked about visiting your garden and your fab cocktails so of course I had to run right out and buy this issue. What a wonderful photo spread! That picture of you with the agave bloom spike (even in pink) is honestly my new favorite thing…

  7. SO proud of you sweetie! I was at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show last week and in Stephen Orr’s AWESOME talk when I first saw this layout. When he put up your slide, I nearly leaped out of my chair! You rock girl!

    I’m so glad you explained the outfit as that was my only question. I have only seen you in your “bruise-colored” pallet and love it. The pink threw me off and it took me a sec to realize it was you! And you look fantastic in pink! You should wear more. Maybe change your color pallet to “girl-bruise” or something like that.


  8. Pam my dear!!! The Pink Shirt Intervention 2012 – yes, it was a struggle for me to slip into something pink, but I’ll do anything for Steve! EVEN PINK!!! Isn’t it a GREAT issue – Austin is so deservedly well represented! And since Steve is a Texan, I’m sure we’ll see many of our beloved xeric landscapes in the pages of MSL in the future… YAY!!! Thanks for your lovely words about my garden… she is growing up!

    Hi Annie! It was SUCH a delight – I had a blast and seeing it in print makes me re-live that super fun day.

    Susan! Thank you for commenting – laughs are the best thing I can offer someone (other than a drink or a cutting of one of my succulents) Come back often and we’ll laugh some more!!!

    OH DEBRA!!! See how you being my guru has paid off for me? And I WISH I could be as organized as to go mad in preparation, but I tend to have a “let it all hang out” attitude – the imperfections can show – as long as it isn’t a horrible zit on my face or something!!! And Sadie is ever the lady, even though, like her mother, she has the soul of a pirate. Thank you FOREVER for being my fearless leader!!!! XOXOXO

    Stephen Orr MY HERO!!!! I am so incredibly incredibly CRAZY about how the spread turned out that I can’t even tell you (although I just did) – and the PINK was worth it! But see how controversial? I am known far and wide for my style… I may even be a trendsetter someday. We may see legions of gardeners wearing bruise colors and long sleeves in while doing their thing! Stranger things have happened! Your Margot ADORES you!!! XOXOXO

    Hi Loree!!! Yes the pink NEEDED an explanation! I am so glad my garden friends of yore knew immediately and raised an eyebrow! Tee-hee!!! I am SOOOO HAPPY that the pic of me and the agave spike made it into the spread! It was my favorite thing too!!!

    Theresa! Rebecca Sweet emailed and said Steve showed a slide of me and I nearly FAINTED! I can’t believe it! So even though I wasn’t there – I was kind of there! (and I might add an item or two of pink to my bruise palette … one can’t ignore a good thing!) LUV!!!

  9. Yeeeee!
    Would have wrapped you in a pumpkin or citron hued top rather than pink, but hey, they did not ask me to style the shot!!!
    Stephen knows a star when he sees one… you are a star,
    a bright Lalala-land babe, yes!!! you are!!!!!!

    I am retroactively with y’all, guzzling a martini, or two.

  10. That is so cool that your garden was featured Martha Stewart Living! How very exciting.

  11. Ivette, I looked you up because I can’t remember the last time Eagle Rock was in MSL! Hello!!
    How exciting. This post is also hilarious and I’ll be reading more of you. Congratulations.
    Sincerely, Nonnahs

  12. Hi. Congrats! What is the tall succulent pictured on the right?

  13. Great Post! Lovely photo’s in the article. It must have been an honor, even here in Europe we have heard of Martha Stewart although I have never seen her show or read her magazines. I have seen her a few times on tv.

    You are much funnier then Martha Stewart!

  14. I’m totally getting a copy tomorrow! Congrats!

  15. I did buy a copy!

    And you look great in pink. Think accent colors to brighten the bruise a little. You could rock it! :D

  16. Ivette: So exciting! I actually bought the magazine to read on the way to the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. When I opened the magazine, there you were looking great in your sensational garden with your adorable pup. Cheers on all your good fortune. Teresa

  17. I LOVED this post! I made my husband and in-laws listen to me read aloud the parts about the basket and your wardrobe. I SO enjoy your wit. Oh, and your garden, of course! :)

  18. Nicky @dirtandmartinis says:

    Congratulations Ivette! I was so excited when I saw you in Martha Stewart Living that I may have squeaked when I noticed it was you. Did your tomato water martinis taste extra special that day or what!? Keep rockin’ the garden/cocktail scene sista. You continue to inspire. x Nicky

  19. Congratulations, how lovely and you, doggie and garden look great.

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