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A Sharp Balcony

by germinatrix | May 20th, 2011

a charming view of a tiny, spiny balcony garden

A few weeks ago I was at my friend Nick’s apartment for tea, and I was taken with his tiny balcony garden – itty bitty and fearless!

a very thorny crown of thorns

Every plant placed in this small, charming space is DANGEROUS! Spines, spikes, thorns, fuzz – I absolutely loved it, so I had to ask if I could show it here, on the blog. The next day, I got these lovely photos emailed to me! The images are by Peter Lynde (my photos aren’t this good!), and I thank he and Nick for taking the time to document the sharpest balcony around for me.

ooooo lala - I love a mound of pricklies!

the top

... and the bottom

It is really hard to get a sense of the spiny charm of the space, because it is so bitty you can’t even stand in it to photograph. It isn’t a space to occupy, just a nice visual coda to the sunny apartment. Nick created an intensely planted tableaux. A garden doesn’t always have to be a space to be occupied, it can just be a visual; a statement. And to put so many sharp, aggressive plants in one small space is a bold move that I can really get behind!

details matter!

Bravo, little balcony! Bravo, Nick!

If I had one, I’d do the same thing …

Damn! Now I want a balcony! How do I add one of those to my one-story house? Hmmm … the wheels are turning…

XOXO Your Germinatrix

This post is dedicated to the Queen of all Balconies, the incomparable Fern Richardson of Life on the Balcony!

7 Responses to “A Sharp Balcony”

  1. Whenever I gaze at multi-story housing I hunt for a balcony overflowing with plants. Whenever I find one, I know a kindred spirit lives there.

  2. Nicky! It IS so cool! A tiny overhang of spiky coolness. Hot coolness…

    Debra! It is really true – that is how we spot the members of our special tribe! XOXO!!!

  3. Danger indeed! Love it.

  4. Very cute wee little balcony garden!

  5. What a charming balcony!! Spikes and all!

  6. Your blog continues to be one of my special favorites because you throw out terms like “visual coda”.
    Bravo, little blog!

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