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by germinatrix | February 9th, 2011


(Imagine me dancing around my kitchen, waving the book over my head and howling like a Hungry Wolf)

The book I have been working on, the one that has made me a blogging stranger to my dear readers, is hitting bookstores at the end of the month!

Just LOOK at that adorable cover, will you? (I can brag about it, because I didn’t design the cover )- it really says it all … it’s about food, in the front yard, and because it is in plan view I think it hints that this book is about design.

I can’t lie – I am VERY proud of this book. I really can’t believe I wrote it! It just seems like a very grown-up thing to do, and I’ve never considered myself particularly grown up. The writing of the book was more challenging than I thought, but in the end, I feel like I’ve done something good. Maybe even something a little bit important.

I have to give a TON of props to my photographer, Ann Summa, who made a lackluster gardening season seem abundant, and my editors, Juree Skonder and Mollie Firestone, for being enthusiastically with me the entire way.

Would you like to see some pictures from the book? I THOUGHT you would!!!

Pop over to my Flickr Photostream and whet your appetites!

Thus endeth me patting myself on the back – FOR NOW!!!

XOXO, Your Germinatrix

16 Responses to “It’s COMING OUT!!!”

  1. Congratulations! And so happy I’ll be at the Northwest show and the San Francisco Garden Show so I can get my copy autographed.

    Can’t wait!

  2. Hooray! Congrats! Can’t wait to get my copy!

  3. Ivette, Congratulations! I’m so excited to read your book. And I’m headed over to Flickr now to check out your photos.

  4. That cover design is irresistible! Can’t wait to see what’s inside. Good Luck!

  5. Kudos to you! It’s already on my Amazon wish list!

  6. Ivette, my dear! A thousand congratulations! This book is a knock-out. The photos are gorgeous, and I’m sure the book is, too! I can’t wait to get my personally-autographed copy at the NWFGS!

  7. I must definitely check it out. Great graphics on the front of the book. Love the mow less part. I hated mowing grass when I was a kid. Matti

  8. Congratulations!! It must be terribly exciting to hold it in your hands after all that work last year. I can totally picture you dancing around your kitchen. Can’t wait to read it!

  9. This is so, so exciting Ivette! Your book is delicious and is already among my favorites. Few books inspire me right from the get-go like this, but yours is a winner. I love your crazy bold style mixed with edibles. Like I said on Facebook, I’m already making grand plans based on just my first couple hours with your book!

  10. You GUYS!!!
    Thank you so much for all the great comments! I am getting SOOO excited about this book being in EVERYBODY’S hot little hands! Front lawns? WHATEVER! It’s all about the New Integrated Edible Landscape!!!
    Couldn’t have done it without the faith and energy given to me by my wonderful readers and blogfriends! XOXOXOXOXO!!!

  11. gray gardener says:

    Congrats my dear friend! It is not easy being grownup but you did it!
    Can’t wait to get a copy and have you sign it personally – my first real celebrity!! Let’s go rip out some front lawns together!

  12. Congrats! You deserve any and all bragging–it is indeed a gorgeous cover and looks like a fantastic book. I am ordering mine asap and want you to autograph it for me when I meet you in person.
    Gotta go, going to Flickr to see you pics.

  13. congrats, germi! will there be a local book signing?

  14. Congratulations! I’ll be looking for it!

  15. DebbieMattera says:

    Just finished reading The Edible Front Yard in one sitting! It really grabbed me from the first page. When I got to the end I was sad there weren’t more beautiful pages to turn. Thanx for a wonderful introduction to the edible front yard. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a year. Your book did exactly what you promised- gave me the courage, inspiration, and basic information to get my project underway.

  16. Dear Ivette,

    I ordered your book on Amazon, and joyously read if cover to cover in ONE sitting! Congratulations. It is lovely! I cannot wait to transform my big lawn.
    I would love to have a booksigning for you at my store, Soolip, If you are interested, lets talk. My email is

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