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Inspiration Pt 2: White/Marble – A Home & Garden to Drool Over

by germinatrix | December 30th, 2010

the entry gate to the White/Marble estate - pretty sexy, yes?

In the last post, you met Jorge – in this post, I want to introduce you to artist Pae White, who has been another incredibly important source of inspiration to me. She and her husband, Tom Marble, have created the most enigmatic, eclectic, mouth-wateringly fantastic home that still manages to be warm and inviting. I was lucky enough to be there recently, and snapped some shots that will give you an idea of why knowing these two has helped to shape my ideas about design and using space.

this is Pae - if I were a better photographer, I could introduce you to Tom, too - but every picture of him was blurrier than blurry, so he'll have to stay a mystery

and this is wonderful KeeBee, the softest dog in the world - to know her is to love her

Tom designed their home – a square within a square; a series of rooms that flow one into the next, and all open onto a central courtyard.

just look at the color of the courtyard walls! the bare trees are ginko biloba - a glorious sight when they are flaming with their yellow fall glory

Within the walls that Tom created, Pae deployed her massive collection of phenomenal objects d’art – every room is a swoon-inducing mix of estate sale finds, antique store gems, and art that has been acquired over the years. The result is totally, uniquely Pae.

the living room complete with an inviting fire- if you look closely you can see that the andirons are kitty-cats!

moving into the library/dining room - are you DYING over that Chinese screen?

the idea of combining a library and a dining room is BRILLIANT! and the black lacquered bookshelves - I die... AND the chandeliers were made by Pae - I'm TELLING you!

This is a home one could seriously write a book about, and I’m certain one will be in the works shortly. Pae’s work has been widely shown nationally and internationally – her installation at 2009′s Venice Biennal was astounding. In an ancient building she created low-slung ceiling of woven colored thread and hung chandeliers made of birdseed. She then invited a group of Italian “bird singers” to attend the show, to blend in and then do birdsongs and birdcalls while the viewers were strolling around. The effect was magical – watch the video of the Birdsingers here, and Pae talking about her work here. And that was just ONE piece! She is the real deal.

I love this gravel patio, full of amoeba-shaped puffy "benches" that can be pushed together or spread apart. (check out the striped facade! So cool!)

The outside of the house is being developed into a series of serene spaces (totally unintentional alliteration – SWEAR!) that embrace the Mediterranean climate and marries Tom’s sense of geometric lines and planes with Pae’s love of the lush and the dramatic.

the round pavers are seeded with different shades of tumbled glass. Here, the burnt orange upholstery stripe sings with the tangerine candy-like sprinkles

blue speckled pavers near the fountain

...multi-colored circles leading up to the cherry red Fermob dining table

The plantings are gorgeous mixes of phormiums, leucadendrons, aloes, and agaves , with other drought tolerant stand-bys in attendance. There is a super-chic front courtyard lined with Eureka lemons, but you’ll have to see it in my book! (Follow this shameless link to the pre-sale page!) Until then, you’ll have to be satisfied with this parade of gorgeousity:

outside of the kitchen, the potted herb garden peaks from behind some handy seating

stripes are a recurring theme in the White/Marble world - even in plants

J'adore Leucadendron 'Goldstrike'! and they are going mad right about now - one of the many joys of the year-round gardening world of LA

the view up the driveway

a jumble of sharp planted shapes marching in a row

don't you just want to sit down under the olive trees, smelling the lavender, and enjoy?

Like I said – this could (AND SHOULD) be a book! I hope this little taste of this remarkable home gives you tingles and lets you unleash your creative imagination. How about a New Year’s Resolution – or a New Year’s REVOLUTION – let’s PLAY! Let’s expand our thinking and make our spaces into places we love, spaces that reflect ourselves and our desires. Don’t let anyone tell you that they are the expert – be your OWN expert! Let people inspire you, not tell you what to do. Be bolstered and be bold! That is my wish for all of us in 2011 – let’s become more ourselves, and make it visible and evident so we we can in turn inspire others! It it too much to ask? I don’t think so! Let’s GO!!!

See you all in the New Year! Have fun and be safe!

XOXOXO Your Germinatrix

7 Responses to “Inspiration Pt 2: White/Marble – A Home & Garden to Drool Over”

  1. Color and whimsy, a library/dining room, a sweet dog, and a house built around a courtyard. I love it!

  2. Ah, Germi, you give the best tours. I love this house. Those orange chandeliers! The whole dining room, really. It’s both inviting and exciting. I will definitely be looking for the front garden in your book!

  3. Germi–

    Every time you post something like this you make me want to move back to southern California. Damn girl, what I wouldn’t give for some hot color in the grey snowy landscape. I think I’m going to paint all of my ironwork ORANGE!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Haha…while our New Years posts carry a similar message (be yourself boldly! Go forth and garden YOUR way) the pictures you share are decidedly more tasteful than the ones I posted. I would LOVE to live in this garden!

    Happy New Year! Here’s to meeting you in person finally in 2011!

  5. Fabulous interior and exterior. I’d like a bit more of that in my home. Love that leucodendron too and those round pavers with the tumbled glass are a great and so-simple idea. Were the glass pieces embedded into the pavers? I couldn’t quite tell.

  6. Oh Debra – Pae and Tom are as amazing as their home is! You’d LOVE them, and visa versa!

    Pam, this is a house worth a tour – a real live tour – and it just keeps getting better and better! We are planning a “Garden of Intoxication” on their undeveloped hillside that is going to have a small vineyard in it! FUN!!! (And their front is MAGNIFIQUE!)

    Susan C – these are your PEOPLE! Pae works in all media – she recently did the stage curtain at the National Opera House in Oslo, Norway – it was woven out of metallic thread to replicate the look of crinkled aluminum foil – it reflects the seats! What a stunner! You have to look up her work – you’ll die!

    Loree you and I are cut from the same cloth, what can I say? And I want to live in this garden, too – isn’t it dreamy! LOVE!!!

    Camilla – I ADORE those pavers! They used cardboard pipe forms to set the concrete, and then they sprinkled the glass on the very top and then lightly pressed it in. SOOOO pretty! And leucodendrons are just stupendous plants – I wouldn’t be without them in this climate! Thanks for visiting!!!

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