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Release the KRACKEN! Um… I Mean LADYBUGS!!!

by germinatrix | August 18th, 2010

a bowl of ladybugs makes a fun afternoon for my favorite neighbors

not even the tough boys could resist the spotted little beetles

Ana was the Captain of the Ladybug Brigade

she kept stopping to feed the little ladies a flower...

one, two, three ... GO!!!

they tickle...

"the ... the... little things... ladies-bugs... they're on the FLOWER! they're EATING the FLOWER! ...they don't eat the flower? why? cuz... cuz... my grandpa says bugs EAT FLOWERS! not these ones? heeheehee! I LIKE THESE ONES!!!"

"... but... but ... where is the ladies-bugs GOING???"

"...did ...did one went in my ear?"

Ana's brother happily takes back the bowl, assuring her there is no ladybug in her ear, and if one goes in, he'll take it out for her

... and suddenly they were gone, scattered like little ladybugs themselves, scampering home to sound that only they could hear - one that had to mean dinner time. The Captain and her Troupes did well - the 2010 release of the ladybugs was a complete success. Bravo.

15 Responses to “Release the KRACKEN! Um… I Mean LADYBUGS!!!”

  1. Great post! I enjoyed my visit. Did you purchase these ladybugs? You may enjoy reading my recent Ladybug post:

  2. So cute! It makes me want to buy a box of ladybugs.

  3. Great blog & photos! New blog on the Hx. of the Ladybug:

  4. That was adorable! :D

  5. Love it! Great pictures with the kids! We released ladybugs a few years back. We have a healthy supply of them in the garden so I haven’t needed to do it again since. However I think it might be fun to do with the kids, so maybe next year!

    Great post!

  6. This was so fun and cute! The boys act so tough, but they were THRILLED to play with the ladybugs and have their pics taken! And little Ana is SUCH a doll – that smile kills me every time I see her.

    The ladybugs have stayed around – I see them on the bronze fennel and all over the roses. I’m hoping for a lot of little ladybug lions soon…

    Yes, I bought the bugs! I haven’t needed too for a few years, but with all the new edibles in my garden this year I felt I better bump up the population.

    Megan, you should! It’s fun! I think I’m going to go back to doing it once a year…

    Thanks laisseraller – that was very informative! Ladybugs are serious business…

    Michelle, it WAS – I wanted to pinch some cute cheeks, but I stayed cool. Don’t want to embarrass the kids!

    Laura, it is SO FUN – the bugs crawl everywhere and the kids get so loud and goofy – I love it! Even though there are enough ladybugs … wait. Can there EVER be ENOUGH ladybugs? Thanks!!!

  7. That was fun…thanks for sharing!

  8. What an awesome tribute to the benefits of vegetable gardening in the front yard. You would have never had such cute helpers if you had been cloistered in the back.

  9. Great post. Reminds me of when my little girl was little.

    I was actually looking for some info on swarms of Lady bugs. I’m not sure if they were mating or what. I came across the most incredible sight awhile back where bushes on the entire countryside were completely covered in orange ladybugs. I’ll keep looking. I just wanted to say…great post, great site. I’ll be back.


  10. Borrowed children are the best kind. What a fabulous day in your garden!

  11. Darling post. It reminded me of my own children when they were little. You know, they aren’t into gardening, BUT they are still into the lady beetles, praying mantises and spiders. Perhaps I did something right.

    I loved little Ana and that her brother was going to get the ladybug out of her ear if needed.

  12. that looks like a great afternoon, they are so cute.

  13. What a cute post. The kids are adorable and looked so intrigued. I am surprised that the ladybugs stayed. You must have a magical garden. Heartwarming start to the day. Thanks. Donna

  14. Oh forgot. Love the art on the banner. Did you do the drawing?

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