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The Yucatan – On The Island

by germinatrix | April 13th, 2009

landing on the island!landing on the island!

I have never been in a boat on water as extremely blue – and going as incredibly fast! It took us about 40 minutes … about 3 margaritas … to get from Punta Allen to our destination – an ISLAND owned by our hosts.


am I LOST?am I LOST?

Wow. Yes, Jorge is a really successful artist, and people are always in for an extraordinary adventure when traveling with him – but … WOW!

the most beautiful beachthe most beautiful beach

Our hosts are sponsoring the construction of Jorge’s latest architectural extravaganza – a hacienda/ retreat fashioned from the ruins of an old sisal factory. The plans are incredible. We will visit the site later on during our trip, but now it is all about being enfolded into the beauty of this secluded Island – this fantasy Island in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

I have to stop right now and let you all know that I realize how incredibly LUCKY I am. Who gets to DO THIS???

paradise, found ...

paradise, found ...

The family is vacationing on the island for Easter – during the next three days I am warmly included in every part of the exceptional life on the island . I was so touched that I was mood swinging between laughing with joy and being on the verge of tears. They all must have thought I was crazy – but people this gracious would certainly put that down to my ‘temperamento artistico’ and offer me another margarita. About 30 family and friends were cavorting around the pristine beaches and lagoons – birdwatching, fishing, questing for wild baby dolphins… and Jorge, Joe, and I were there for all the fun!

strolling down the garden pathstrolling down the garden path

We drank fresh coconut water all day long – delicious! Every meal was made of freshly caught fish and tropical fruits, with flavorful Mexican dishes like chilaquiles, taquitos, and my favorite treat, Sopa de Lima ( a citrusy soup with a spicy kick) added for variety. The coffee served after meals was bold and I MUST know how to get it in Los Angeles – but I think it’s flavor also had something to do with our host’s manner of handing each guest a cupful with a smile and a wink.

the breakfast nookthe breakfast nook

Our hostess is an amazing woman who wants to do nothing less than change the world via the arts, and through education. We spent long evenings talking about plans for the hacienda garden. She led me through The Island she loves so much, and shared her passion for the Yucatan and it’s plantlife, wildlife, and culture. I saw that my job as garden designer has to be re-thought. This garden has to be on ANOTHER LEVEL… I can take NOTHING for granted here. I want so much to be up to the task – I am so amazed about this opportunity!

One of the thrills on The Island was a project everybody became caught up in – fashioning beach furniture out of driftwood. More on that in the next post…

waking up, not quite believing where I amwaking up, not quite believing where I am

11 Responses to “The Yucatan – On The Island”

  1. OMG Germi!!!! What a lucky lady! It seems like it is another world…a breakfast nook in the sand??? Oh boy do I need one of those. A whole island….how do you come to own a whole island. That has to be one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. Thanks for sharing it with us! I can’t wait to hear more. I think I really like Jorge and his wife they sound like amazing people. I think education and art can be life changing. If you need an assistance to hold your ice water, press a cold cloth to your brow after a long day, carry your shovel, whatever you need I am there! I’m just saying you might need help and I will gladly be your girl!

  2. germinatrix says:

    Sue, it was SO surreal!
    I think we all need a private island – but how to get one, I have no idea! Our Host and Hostess have pretty vast resources, and I have to say, I think they use them well… they set up foundations, sponsor art projects that have social reverberations, and create opportunities for indigenous Mayan communities in the Yucatan. So I can’t begrudge them an Island!
    The Host isn’t Jorge – I am keeping the Host and Hostess anonymous. Jorge doesn’t have an Island – YET!!!
    – and thank you for the generous offer to hold my ice water! I feel like I need to splash my face with that ice water … it was all so dreamy…

  3. Oh i get it now! Well they all sound like amazing people. I can wait to hear more!

  4. I am so jealous!
    Seeing all your pictures totally takes me back there, and I long yet again to return. We have travelled extensively all over the Yucatan and Belize, such an amazing part of the world. The road used to pretty much fizzle out at Tulum, is it still like that?
    Those boats can seriously damage your tail bone, a lot of fun though to try and keep the contents of your drink intact.
    That sounds like the coolest design project you are working on, I can’t wait to hear and see more about it.

  5. Sounds fabulous, darling. Knowing you, you made the most of such a tremendous opportunity. Can’t wait to see the brilliance you come up with for the design.

  6. germinatrix says:

    Hey there ESP! So you KNOW that road between Tulum and Punta Allen! Total gravel; completely unpaved – a one lane road with big trucks coming at you every so often. Omigod – my poor bum. Jorge was having the best time driving like he was racing in Monte Carlo! It was harrowing … but fun
    You MUST go back and visit again! Your garden is such a riot of color – you must have been developing your palette while traveling. I know you’ll get back there. I feel it.

    Oh, Andrea! I am crossing my fingers to be up to the challenge – your spirit is such a boost to my confidence. Thanks, Doll!

  7. Hi there,
    Super post, Need to mark it on Digg
    Thank you

  8. germinatrix says:

    Joker! Thanks for the thumbs up! I’ll take it …

  9. Remember, Germi, you were asked to do this because of your amazing work not to mention your style & personality. I think you just have to do what you do and it will be fantastic! Have fun & congratulations on being you.

  10. germinatrix says:

    Thanks for that, CoCo (is that abbreviation okay?) – you are wonderful to give me a spirit hug! You are right – I need to just take a deep breath, jump in, and trust in myself. It’s so great to have new friends to boost my confidence! Thanks so much for your kind words… XO

  11. Love your writing style and the design of your blog, its very original! Well done, look forward to reading more.

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