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The Yucatan, and Future Garden Possibilities

by germinatrix | April 12th, 2009


Deep breath.

I have been given an opportunity – an AWESOMELY AMAZING opportunity, to make a garden with my dear friend, artist Jorge Pardo. The thing is, Jorge does big work, often architectural work – and this is going to be a BIG GARDEN! IN THE YUCATAN!!!!

So Jorge wanted me to fly out to Cancun, to meet the couple that are funding this project – and I practically sprouted wings and got there as fast as I could. After landing in Cancun, Jorge, Joe (one of Jorge’s studio assistants), and I drove to Tulum to spend the night. In the morning, we’d be picked up and taken to the family’s retreat. We found a sweet little hotel and tucked in for the night. I woke up to a totally different world! Color, color everywhere!

color before breakfastcolor before breakfast
sexy plant combos!sexy plant combos!

We ate a light breakfast and made our way through the Sian Ka’an Bioshphere Reserve to the seaside village of Punta Allen. I WISH we could have spent time in beautiful Tulum, and in the Sian Ka’an Reserve, but we were WORKING after all, and there was no time for dawdling. But I am definitely exploring this part of Mexico in the future!

how could this NOT be fun?how could this NOT be fun?

Punta Allan is relaxed, and very charming. Right on the beach is a little carnival – the most riotously colorful playland I’ve ever seen – I wanted to go on a ride! But we were waiting to be whisked away – and I really didn’t know where we were going. I thought maybe they had a place down the coast somewhere. Someplace remote. I don’t usually go in for remote – I am a very UN-remote type, but again, this was all for the sake of a garden, and I’ll go far out of my comfort zone.

waiting... waiting…

Soon, a boat roars up to the end of a dock and a lively Texan jumps out and calls us all by name. “Ivette! Hello! I’m here to take you to The Island – would you like a margarita or maybe a cold beer?”

How did he know my name?

And … ‘The Island’???

What the…

But the clients were wherever the boat was heading, and a garden was at stake. So I climbed on board.


speeding away...speeding away…

8 Responses to “The Yucatan, and Future Garden Possibilities”

  1. You can’t leave us hanging like this! How will it end? How big is the island? What were the owners like? What’s their current garden like? Did you have the margarita or the cold beer?

  2. Ivette! I’m so happy to see you back writing again. Hopefully you will be an inspiration to me! Love, Cathy

  3. germinatrix says:

    A cliffhanger!
    I’m writing up ‘The Yucatan – The Island’ right now … and I must warn you, this may end up being a 3-part post! It’s all so exciting, JCharlier!

    and a margarita tastes (and feels) extra good when you are speeding towards the unknown…

  4. this sounds divine! i just imagine you arriving and someone saying “welcome to fantasy island”…

  5. germinatrix says:

    Cathy, Doll – I’m so happy to hear from you! My former partner in blogland! Vintage shopper extraordinaire! She who now lives in Chicago!
    I love your mantle, by the way – I think Wendy Jo is right, just like one of your collages. It made me want to give some loving attention to my mantle!
    I’m talking about her blog –
    check it out!

    Hey Chanchow … you are not far off base! Wait til you see photos of ‘The Island’!

  6. If you need an assistant left me know, I work cheap! What an opportunity for you….can’t wait for the next post…

  7. Yeah! I found you a week before Domino said goodbye… I am so glad I have found you again! Thank you for being so inspiring. PS – this cliffhanger is killing me!

  8. germinatrix says:

    Hey there Erin! I’m glad you found me! I hope the cliffhanger was satisfying in the end … well, it’s STILL a kind of cliffhanger, since we won’t know what the garden will really be for quite a while!

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