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Germinatrix TV EPISODE 5 – The Passion, The Ecstasy, The Carnal Rapture of Pollination

by germinatrix | May 21st, 2010

it looks innocent enough... but it isn't. this aloe is getting tickled in all the right places

Plants have sex.

Flowers are organs of sexual potential – they are there to attract pollinators to come and eat their goodies. Once inside, the pollinators gorge themselves, rubbing and cuddling up on the flower.  Fertile pollen grains from the stamen hitch a ride to the next flower, and while the pollinator is feeding again, the pollen attaches itself to the receptive flower part (the stigma) and plant sex occurs. It’s an inter-species surrogate sex, but sex nonetheless. Procreation results. More plants; more flowers. It’s a thing of beauty.

Even in the desert, plants have sex.

This video was shot at The Huntington Gardens during the Aloe bloom extravaganza 2010.

Everywhere you turn, you are confronted with shapes that immediately take your brain to those kinds of thoughts. There are the sturdy, upright blossoms of aloes covered in tight buds, and then tall, dominating cactus with red protrusions that erupt into bloom, or the small, undulating paddle cactus whose curves draw your eye into its dark places…

or is it just ME who thinks like this?

I don’t think it’s just me – gardens get action all the time, right under our noses.

And that is EXACTLY how it should be!

Relax and enjoy…

The song – “Gold For The Price of Silver” by Kings of Convenience

10 Responses to “Germinatrix TV EPISODE 5 – The Passion, The Ecstasy, The Carnal Rapture of Pollination”

  1. Jan Tumlir says:

    I’m way into this one: it’s reminiscent of early video art. isn’t it about time to resurrect that kooky aesthetic? Also, the content is nothing to sniff at. A pean to the spring – right on time!

  2. Thank you for the comment, Mr. Doctor! I also love this video – great minds think alike and often get married to each other…

  3. I think this one is bound to be a classic.

  4. You are becoming an auteur! So great, so retro, so serious and hilarious at the same time.

  5. LOL. I always wondered how you could claim to hate flowers for just this reason.

  6. P.S. If you haven’t read Love in the Garden by Jean-Pierre Otte, you must. Must! The passage that stands out in my mind involved a blossom that mimics the appearance and scent of a receptive female bee. Talk about kinky inter-species action.

  7. Classic!
    And what great filming – the wicked smile toward the end of the clip had me laughing at my laptop…the hobbits were like “What are you laughing at?” Errr…nothing, I thought you were…go and watch your Sponge Bob!

  8. Wow, I need a cigarette!

  9. Hey Friends!
    So glad you enjoyed the romp!

    Loree … It was so fun to make! I laugh every time I re-watch it…

    Susan! That means so much, coming from you! William (my Video Minion) and I were wanting to explore a different style, and we took our cues from the music. I’m so glad you had a good time watching it.

    Summer, you GOT me! I am NOT a Flower-Hater! How COULD I be? Hahahaha!
    Oh I haven’t had time to check out Love in the Garden, but as soon as I do, I’m going to wallow in it! Thanks for pointing me in the direction of garden ecstasy!

    I can’t WAIT to visit!!!
    The Hobbits almost CAUGHT you! Hahaha! Yes, I laugh every time I see “Ghost Lips” emerge from the background! It can’t be right for someone to find themselves so entertaining…
    The next video is about having dogs in a garden, starring my two french bulldogs. Now THAT’S funny! Thank GOODNESS there are no Naboo in my garden, they would be routed out immediately by my part dog part pig part bat part cat little weirdos…
    See you SOON!
    The Big G

  10. Germi
    I’m coming late to the party, but I’m here now! Entering a blissful state, going with the music cranked up on high volume, and mesmerized by your red lipstick.
    Here’s a favorite that I’m going to return to each and every time I need a pick me up. Dark skies, mean reds, fight w/ husband, whatever: You & William & Jan = Brilliantly Brilliant!!!!!