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Still Here!

by germinatrix | May 14th, 2009


pretty air plant, cozy in a tree

pretty air plant, cozy in a tree



What a DOPE. I forgot the cable that goes from my camera to my computer, so I can’t download a single picture from my first plant-hunting trip until I get back home. So here is a shot of a beautiful Tillandsia growing wild in the branches of an I-Don’t-Know-What tree. I am amzed to see bromeliads and tillandsias growing here, easy as pie, in the middle of a construction site.

I’m having some trouble locating the huge varieties of my beloved Agaves that I want to use on this project. The Yucatan was the major agricultural center for the growing of Agave fourcroydes, which was used to make sisal for rope – you still see huge farms of the spiky wonder. So I KNOW that the agaves I want to use – weberi, angustifolia variegata, parryi truncata, americana, franzosinii, ovatifolia, tequiliensis, medio-picta ‘Alba’ … I KNOW they will work down here. But nobody grows them – or nobody that I’ve found. YET. I will find them. Never fear.

I’ll post some pics from the trip within the next couple of days. I’m flying home tonight – yay! I’m so eager to be home! That agave spike across the street that is probably blooming!

2 Responses to “Still Here!”

  1. Can’t wait to see the pics and hear all about the trip! You will find the agaves, I am certain. You are just that kinda gal…being so ‘seedy’ and all.

  2. Hi Ivette.
    I look forward to seeing what you have being doing down there. I am curious do you hop a flight from Tulum to Cancun or is a long drive? Or are there now direct flights from Tulum?
    Safe travels.